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Do ewe love your sheep puns so baaaadly ewe want to wear them on your body all day? You're in luck! The Sheepoll Shop was officially launched at Saccharomyces Beer Cafe's Sunday Opinion Trivia session last night. The designs feature artwork that were developed for the animated segment intros of Opinion Trivia, as well as a whole lot of new stuff created by Steffan van Lint.

"It was fun trying to get our humour across in designs that we would actually want to wear. Some are really fun, bold and colourful like our tie-dye Exclusive Ewenique Tee, while others keep it subtle like our Black-On-Black Sheep Tee." Working with The T-Shirt Mill in West End, Brisbane the shop features tees, sweats, hoodies, mugs, bags, and even has a baby range. "I have a baby on it's way, so I gotta make sure he represents" explained Steffan.

Most tees sit around $35, except for the Sheepoll CEO T-Shirt which will set you back HALF A MILLION DOLLARS. Sounds expensive, but buy it and you'll become the new CEO of Sheepoll Holdings PTY LTD. For reals.

There is also one t-shirt designed by Sheepoll head-writer, Geordie McGrath. It's a hand-drawn cartoon of a sheep dancing. He really really wants you to buy it, not only because he thinks it's the coolest t-shirt on there, but because he gets all the profits that come from it. 

Check out the full range at

Baaad fashion, The Sheepoll Shop officially opens

Monday May 7, 2018

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