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Ugh. Don't you hate those annoying people that have a business idea, but actually go and make it into a business? Steffan van Lint is one of those pains-in-the-butt. Co-founder of successful trivia giant, Quiz Meisters and creator of Sheepoll's Opinion Trivia, he has a clothes label, a news site to talk about his exploits in the third-person, and has now launched a premium line of beard oil called BLK RAM.

What started as a personal passion project, or a PPP as they call it in no industry whatsoever, BLK RAM is simply the result of being disappointed with overpriced beard oil that was full of greasy promise. Sporting a hefty beard for the most part of the past decade, his curious mind guided him through the dark arts of penetrative oils and perfumery where he applied the usual investigative process of learning, testing, refining and repeating. 

The results, I must say, are pretty bloody beautiful. Originally produced for his own use over the next 200 years, he started handing some out to friends - and strangers with deserved beards. When his barber, Josh Moetara of Babylon Falls Barbershop and Studio, tested it out on his other woolly-faced clients, the demand began and the call for "you should sell this" started entering his inbox.

What makes it so good? The label says the blend of Moroccan argan, sweet almond, tea tree and eucalyptus oils help "to penetrate the hair, repair damaged follicles, moisturise the skin and add shine." It's non-greasy and conditions the beard, promoting healthy beard growth, softens facial hair and eliminates beard dandruff. 

But the thing that truly sets BLK RAM apart from the rest of the beard oil flock is it's signature scent. Rather than blending a few essential oils and saying, "that will do", BLK RAM uses the same techniques premium perfumes use to delivery unique scents. Crafted from over 20 essential extracts, including many made from flowers in his garden, there are head, heart and base notes that tell a different story to every subconscious that experiences it. Some people pick up on the patchouli and lavender, while others experience memories of single-origin coffee and 12 year old scotch. Either way, if you have face wool, you'll want to give it a go. Even if you don't have face wool, apparently it's also really good for your skin.

BLK RAM launched last Friday and can be purchased online at, Babylon Falls Barbershop and Studio in Fortitude Valley, and Upstairs Menswear in West End. Also, follow it on Instagram under @blkrambeardoil.

Stand out from the flock with BLK RAM

Tuesday July 17, 2018

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