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I have to write a funny article for this newsletter because I set the precedent that I would write funny articles for the newsletter and I’ve run out of stuff to say or be funny about. I wrote the whole newsletter and my brain is so firmly in business man mode that I don’t think I’m capable of writing a funny article about something.

I googled funny things and I’m gonna tell you about some of the funny things that came up.

I just watched a 6 minute 40 second video called “Kids Say Funny Things” and I gotta tell you, it really was very long. Also some of it was video of kids crying and it wasn’t funny it made me sad. One of the videos was a Dad excitedly telling his kids that they were going to have Chilli for dinner and his kids were very upset and they screamed and cried. It made me upset, but not as upset as the kids who didn’t want to eat chilli as they begged and pleaded with their Dad not to feed them chilli.

Funny Article.

Tuesday February 12, 2019

FUNNY ARTICLE - Geordie McGrath

Funny article.

The next thing that came up on Google was a Pinterest collection by Simply Stacie called “301 Best Funny Stuff”.

The first Funny Stuff was a meme of a woman crying and the text read “I want to place an online order, but don’t feel like getting up to get my credit card.” The next Funny Stuff was a meme of a guy from Game of Thrones and it said “Brace Yourselves, Pumpkin Flavoured Everything is coming.” There were 301 Funny Stuff but I didn’t find any of them funny.

Finally, Readers Digest has a whole section called Funny Stuff. I read an article called “The Oxford English Dictionary Forgot to Include This Word for 50 Years”. Turns out the word is bondmaid, and it’s a word that means “a slave girl”. I definitely don’t see the funny part of this article. I’d recommend both The Readers Digest and Simply Stacie rename their sites to just “Stuff”.

I feel a lot better about myself because it turns out that the stuff on the internet is just as funny and interesting as I am feeling right now in that it all suck so bad.

Love Geordie.

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