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We’ve never been more excited for the month of March than we are right now. Sure Captain Marvel’s coming out, and yes we’ll all be celebrating International Bunsen Burner Day but mainly we’re excited because this March sees us kicking off our biggest run of shows yet. Starting February 28th (not a day of March I know but I had to figure out some way to write this article and it was the best I could do) we’re running The Opinion as a part of the Brisbane Comedy Festival. 

Hosted by the incomparable Michael Connell, with audience liaison Ashwin Segkar and musical sidekick Geordie McGrath, The Opinion is a one-of-a-kind interactive talkshow where you get to play along with your favourite Brisbane Comedy Festival heavyweights. You get to join our amazing panel of guests as we ask and answer the stupidest questions about the things nobody thinks to ask.

We’re incredibly excited for this run of shows. It’s a big deal for us and we can’t wait to see what happens. We’ve been diligently emailing incredibly successful funny people for weeks and let me tell you, some really amazing guests are gonna be at these shows. 

Five shows, twenty guests, a whole bunch of questions, and every show is completely different so why not come to every single one? Anything can happen at The Opinion, and hopefully anything will. 

The Opinion is Coming!

Wednesday February 13, 2019


Five shows, twenty guests, anything can happen. Plus, it's free!

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